EU innovation funds for Slovenian businesses

Brussels, 7 December - The European Commission has awarded EUR 32.7m to 15 innovative projects to help speed up their access to the market. They involve 67 partners from 15 countries, including four Slovenian companies.

Each of the projects will receive up to EUR 3m under the second round of the Fast Track to Innovation scheme, run under the EU's research and innovation programme Horizon 2020, the Commission said on Monday.

The Kamnik-based company GEM motors and its partners won EUR 1.99m to launch production and commercialise an innovative electric in-wheel motor.

The project, valued at EUR 2.7m also involves Slovenian partners Domel of Železniki and Tiskana vezja Luznar of Kranj as well as the German Fraunhofer research institute and French electric scooters maker Eccity.

Kovis, a Brežice company specialising in rail industry parts manufacturing, and its partners from the Czech Republic and Slovakia meanwhile got EUR 1.67m to increase the efficiency of rail freight transport.