Slovenian researcher wins lauded ERC grant

Ljubljana, 7 April - Historian Marta Verginella has become the fourth Slovenian researcher to join the prestigious ranks of European Research Centre (ERC) grant recipients.

The researcher from the Ljubljana Faculty of Arts has received funding under the 2106 Advanced Grants scheme for the five-year research project "Post-war transitions in gendered perspective: the case of the North-Eastern Adriatic region".

This is notably the first Slovenian project from the field of social and humanistic studies to receive ERC funding.

Before Verginella, only three Slovenian researchers received funding from the ERC programme, which was launched in 2007. All three were working at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

Verginella's project was among only 231 to secure ERC funding in a competition that involved more than 2,400 entries by top researchers.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, which has been actively supporting Slovenian bids, highlighted the importance of the feat by pointing out that three of the Nobel Prize winners from 2014 had been leaders of ERC projects at the time.