Slovenia needs council for integrity in science, hears debate

Ljubljana, 16 May - Participants of a debate on integrity in science at the Academy of Sciences and Arts (SAZU) on Tuesday agreed that Slovenia should establish a national council for integrity in science and presented recently adopted blueprints.

Academic Slavko Splichal said today that there were many cases that pointed to the need for such a body in Slovenia.

The proposed council will have to work preventively and educate people about integrity in science to encourage good practices.

A national body for checking integrity in science was already envisaged in a resolution on research and innovation strategy for 2011-2020, the president of the SAZU Tadej Bajt told the debate.

A task force charged with drafting the blueprints for a national integrity commission was set up and came up with guidelines for the body that would watch over ethical and moral standards in education and research.

Education Minister Maja Makovec Brenčič said today that these blueprints would be adapted and included in the new higher education and development legislation.

"It is about the truth and truthfulness...and above all it is about transmitting the idea of integrity, ethics and moral standards to the young."