Science centre planned in Lesce

Lesce, 20 May - A year after launching an "anti-museum", a Russian scientist and businessman who has moved to Slovenia has unveiled plans to build a fully-fledged science park near the lakeside resort of Bled, a project that he estimates to be worth ten million euros.

Anton Popov says the science park would be a place to showcase breakthroughs in science and technology, but it would also bee a meeting point for science, art, entertainment and business.

The aim is to make science fun, to present science to children through play, and to offer families a space for active leisure time.

The science part would be an upgrade of the Anti-museum, a small hand-on museum of science that Popov established in Bled a year ago, having already completed a similar project in Saint Petersburg in 2014.

Popov, who has already purchased a hotel in Bled, is willing to invest a million euros in the science park. He is now looking for additional investors.

The establishment would be dominated by a 40-metre high pyramid stretching over 4,500 square metres. Accommodation and offices would be built later. Popov expects 250,000 visitors annually.

The park would be strategically positioned next to a roundabout in Lesce that hundreds of thousands of people who visit Bled every year take.

The project enjoys the support of the Economy Ministry, the Engineering Academy, the IECD - Bled Business School, the Radovljica municipality and the local development agency.