Slovenia's first LoRaWAN network set up

Ljubljana, 14 August - Solvera Lynx, a provider of solutions for the energy industry, has set up the first Internet of Things (IOT) network in Slovenia based on the LoRaWAN standard. The network already covers major urban areas and is to be expanded to the entire country.

The company said it was using Ljubljana as a test field and had already installed special devices developed in-house at strategic points to provide city-wide coverage.

LoRaWAN networks are designed to connect thousands of internet-enabled devices such as smart meters and sensors. Such networks are considered the bedrock of smart cities and smart industries of the future.

Solvera Lynx said having a ready-to-use IoT network in Slovenia provided a valuable benchmark for IoT system implementation not just in the region but on a European scale.

The devices in an LoRaWAN network have low power consumption and a very long reach, keeping cost low. These devices transmit information to a central platform, where the data can be analysed and processed.

IOT devices have broad potential uses in industries including telecommunications, energy, building management, manufacturing, agriculture and logistics.

Solvera Lynx said it was already working with companies such as shopping mall operator BTC, steel producer Acroni and power grid operator Eles.