Slovenia to get science centre by 2022

Ljubljana, 10 April - Slovenia is to get a Science Centre, a hub designed to promote and popularise science, research, technologies, innovation and lifelong learning through experiments and scientific, business and cultural achievements, by the end of 2022, under a decision taken by the government on Tuesday.

The project to build the hub, designed to serve as a technological showcase, was listed among the government development programmes for the period between 2018 and 2022, the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport announced.

The building housing the centre will contain the best technological solutions in various fields, some of which will be demonstrated to the visitors and their impact and benefits explained.

The centre will serve as a hub for the implementation of various programmes to promote science in connection with education, culture and business.

The visitors will have the opportunity to see and test new technological solutions, or partake in interactive experiments or programmes in the field of creative arts.

At the centre, individuals will be able to get involved in project cooperation to develop joint solutions, new ideas and new products. It will also enable them to display new solutions.

The ministry believes that in this way the hub will provide the support environment to enhance links and new synergies between business and institutions of knowledge, to commercialise developed solutions, stimulate demand and boost development competences.

The investment is valued at EUR 26m, EUR 16m of which the ministry plans to obtain from EU funds and the rest from the national budget and from other sources.