Slovenian minority honours archaeologist Franz Glaser

Klagenfurt, 20 October - Austrian archaeologist Franz Glaser will be honoured for his research of early Slavic history in Carinthia with the Einspieler Award, presented by two Slovenian minority organisations.

The National Council of Carinthian Slovenians (NSKS) and the Christian Cultural Association (KKZ) will present the award at a ceremony in Klagenfurt on 16 November, to be addressed by the provincial conservation office head Gorazd Živkovič.

The two organisations say that Glaser is also being honoured for his friendship with the Slovenian community in the Austrian province of Carinthia.

The two organisations have been presenting the award since 1988 to honour German-speaking individuals for their contributions to the development of the minority and their understanding of the minority's issues.

The award is named after Andrej Einspieler (1813-88), a Slovenian priest, politician and author who worked for the equality of Slovenian language and Slovenians in Carinthia, for the coexistence of the Slovenian- and German-speaking communities in the province, for general suffrage and political freedom. In 1862-63, 1871-78 and 1880-88 he served as a deputy in the Carinthian assembly.