Exhibition on Slovenian sport technology on show in Bistra

Bistra, 11 March - An exhibition on Slovenian sport technology is on display at the Technical Museum of Slovenia (TMS) in Bistra, presenting until the end of the year a review of the creations by Slovenian makers of equipment for sports on land, in the air and water.

The exhibition entitled Technology for Sport showcases the development and production of sport accessories connected with technological know-how and innovation, the museum said on Thursday.

The museum's collection of more than 180 sport technology items by more than 35 Slovenian producers also includes accessories for recreation, which is an important part of everyday life in Slovenia.

Curator Vladimir Vilman said that many items were products of collaboration of several producers. "The surprising fact is that there is much more cooperation between them than competitive fight," he added.

The producers showcased in the exhibition that spans from the inter-war period until today include Alpina, Mont, Športoprema Ljubljana, Planika, Toper, Rašica, Akrapovič, Goltes, Dedra, Slatnar, Dali and others.

The insight in the creation of a sport accessory shows how theoretical knowledge, practical work, innovation and cooperation are required for a product to meet the expectations of the demanding domestic and international markets, the museum said.