Upcoming film Wild Slovenia to showcase natural diversity

Ljubljana, 29 May - A new documentary film Wild Slovenia is coming to cinemas in autumn. As the film makers recently revealed in an online discussion, the film aims to bring the stories of Slovenia's diverse flora and fauna to domestic and international audiences.

Slovenia is home to more than 22,000 animal and 3,500 plant species. More than 800 animal and 300 plant species among those are protected.

Matej Vranič, the film director, explained that the diversity of Slovenian ecosystems will give the film a unique angle.

The film aims to present around 40 animal stories, the result of the director's many years of nature observation.

Vranič, who has already directed one award-winning documentary, Birds of the Lake, said that Wild Slovenia focused on mammals and birds.

The film is aimed at a wider audience, both domestic and foreign. Since foreign audiences are used to big-budget documentaries, it was necessary to reach higher production standards.

Co-screenwriter Marjan Žiberna said that the basic message of the film is the footage itself. The text only complements the visual information with information and emotions.

If the film arouses interest and amazement in viewers about Slovenia's nature, it will have achieved its purpose, he added.

The film was shot over a year on a variety of locations, including the Alps, the Dinaric Alps and the Adriatic Sea. It is almost completed, only the ambient soundtrack remains to be added.

The current plan is to bring it to cinemas in early September and then to TV screens next year. They also want to launch a shorter version for foreign TV stations.