Science Festival aims to bring science into everyday life

Ljubljana, 9 November - The Slovenian Science Festival is kicking off on Wednesday under the motto Science in Everyday Life. Running through 15 November, it will features 40 events, and honour rocket engineer Herman Potočnik Noordung, linguist and translator Fanny S. Copeland, and sociologist Thomas Luckmann.

Organised by the Slovenian Science Foundation, the festival's objective is to raise interest in young students and their teachers in practical experience of science both as part of the education process and in their everyday lives.

The events will take place online and in several locations around Ljubljana. Live events are scheduled for today, Monday and Tuesday, focusing on natural sciences and technology.

The opening ceremony will mark the 130th birth anniversary of Potočnik Noordung (1892-1929), a visionary and pioneer of classic astronautics. The Slovenian Science Foundation has declared 2022 the Year of Noordung.

Festival attendees will learn about Noordung's designs for a space station, preparations for a Mars mission that future astronauts are conducting at the Planica Nordic Centre, and amateur radio satellites.

This afternoon, the festival will honour Fanny S. Copeland (1872-1970), a linguist, translator and promoter of Slovenian and British cultural connections.

Scientific achievements of secondary school students and teachers will also be in the forefront today.

Online events are scheduled for today and Thursday, and will be dedicated to Thomas Luckmann (1927-2016), a Jesenice-born sociologist.

Thursday will also mark the World Science Day for Peace and Development.