The Ecosystem of Science Communication in the Post-Truth Era: Perspectives, Contexts, Dynamics

The chapters in this volume provide rich evidence of the increasing variety and cultural diversity of science communication practices across the world (Bucchi & Trench, 2021).

Collectively, the science communication initiatives described here exemplify a range of progressive approaches, including dialogue, active engagement, learning-by-doing, and co-construction of knowledge, that in various ways reflect re-inventions or re-imaginings of science communication. In addition, this collection of work points to the inevitable conclusion that dialogue is necessary not just between science and society but also between science communication practitioners and researchers from different ecologies - countries, cultures, institutions and practices. We thus see this volume as a contribution to longitudinal studies of science communication across contexts, disciplines, purposes, and formats. Only in this way can the ecosystem of science communication continue to grow more diverse and self-reflective.