POPULISM and attitudes towards the EU in Central Europe

The original contribution of the monograph is primarily in the original data that were collected and designed specifically for the Central Europe. On the basis of a detailed analysis, the authors come to the following main conclusion: the causes for the populist and Eurosceptic behavior that appears (in Slovenia) can be found in general distrust of the political elites and the disappointment of the centrist party voters. / ... / It seems that the only true answer and counterbalance to national populisms can be only a more integrated Europe, which, however, will have to take greater account of citizens' interests rather than just economic interests when formulating policies.

From the review by Assit. Prof. Meta Novak

The monograph is extremely rich and empirically well supported. / ... / The theme of populism is inherently inter-and multidisciplinary. It is therefore commendable that authors of this monograph also tackled this phenomenon interdisciplinary. / ... / The economic causes of the strengthening of populism are being sought, and perhaps too little attention is devoted to the fact that people often vote on the basis of their pre-beliefs and do not really take into account information that does not support this, as evidenced by psychology.

From the review by Prof. Emeritus Marjan Svetličič